Friends of Blue Hill Bay is a nonprofit organization making sure our precious public resource is used responsibly so that future generations can benefit from its wealth. We were founded in 1999.

Our Mission
Our mission is to conserve the natural ecology, traditional marine fisheries and the unique aesthetic quality of Blue Hill Bay.

We all benefit from a clean bay including:

  • Traditional Maine fisheries
  • Marine trades and other local businesses
  • Recreational users
  • Future generations

We Preserve the Blue Hill Bay by:
Promoting the responsible use of the bay while recognizing its environmental, commercial and recreational value.
Sponsoring scientific research to better understand the natural characteristics of the Bay.
Working with federal and state agencies to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
Informing legislators and the general public about areas of concern.
Pursuing legal action when necessary.

Toward our goal we have:
Raised public awareness of the threats to the Bay’s water quality.
Sponsored scientific research establishing a baseline model for evaluating the impact of future Bay use.
Undertaken efforts that kept the waters of Blue Hill Bay free of pollution created by additional salmon pens.
Worked to persuade the EPA to issue the first discharge permit for salmon farming under the Clean Water Act.

Much of our work is accomplished by dedicated and energetic volunteers who believe we can protect our
Bay. If you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail us at Volunteers are needed for a variety of jobs:

  • Research
  • Fundraising
  • Spring Cleanup
  • Phone Calls

Giving Opportunities
Generous financial support is one of the reasons Friends of Blue Hill Bay is an effective organization. However, there is still work to be done and influencing legislation takes more than countless hours of volunteer time—it takes money.

Your contribution can help us continue to make a substantial impact on the future of the Bay. If you are interested in making a contribution to Friends of Blue Hill Bay, please e-mail us at Your contribution will support:

  • Community Education
  • Research
  • Legal Efforts

Become a Friend of Blue Hill Bay
You can help preserve the unique aesthetic quality of Blue Hill Bay by joining Friends of Blue Hill Bay (FOBHB). Membership is free. Friends receive our quarterly newsletter, which will keep you informed about current issues that threaten Blue Hill Bay.

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